Sunday thoughts

Its time to stress less and live more, take back the power and make a life I love.

Take a chance

Say that thing

Tell that person

Love your life

I’ve finally got it. This life is mine to be lived for me. Not anyone else.


If you ever need…

To learn to live yourself again and embrace how you look or feel, I suggest heading to a island paradise with the wealthy and tanned! I am greiving still (less so now but still have my moments!) & beleive I have put on weight or can’t shake it because I’m not as happy as I could be.

I did. And I feel empowered.

After 3 days of feeling not good enough, not skinny enough and not tanned enough, I finally realised today that I needed to be kinder to myself. 

I put on my bikini in my mum bod next to my beautiful teenage daughter and went for a swim and sunbathed next to what I can only describe as tanned beautiful models of both sexes and felt myself again!

Who cares if your not a size 6! It’s your holiday too & you should enjoy it and not worry how you look to others of those who love you think your beautiful and you do too.

Life begins here. Confidence begins here.healing continues here. 

Paradise is a good place to be and make yourself whole again.

The ugly side of recovery from grief.

​Sigh…I had the worst night with my partner last night so am shattered today and wrecked with guilt and feelings of shame…so clearly looking amazing today and it’s especially brilliant as I had a presentation to give at work ☺

We were very close to breaking up, well I was breaking up with him and I swore very loudly at him in the kitchen (I’m not going to repeat the word as it was awful, I never use it…) and my daughter heard it all.

I am feeling shit about it this morning. What a winner! My daughter’s key example and what a great one I am!! A mother who uses profanity to explain how she feels. Yep I am so amazing.

I lost it…. just had enough of it all really… enough sadness, fear, loss…. enough small things that seem insurmountable. 

Just enough. 

I basically emotionally exploded like a pinata. A really really messy one.

After that I felt embarrased and lost & then after my partner threatened to leave me because thats what I wanted ( and honesty said I wanted because I thought, I don’t know what else will help me here, I’m stuck and something needs to change…)

I exposed all the things again that were bothering me and have been for months and why I was so sad and how I now feel like someone else, not the fun loving happy girl I was when we met…and we tried to talk it out but I feel like I’ve hurt him beyond repair.

To his credit he says he loves me and doesn’t really want to go and I really think  it’s me. I need to accept my actions and fix me, maybe even forgive me.

I know it’s mainly me. Its work stress and grief from the miscarrige and everything this horrible year has brought me.

I keep trying to get through and keep life running and breathe without having the space to do so…and thinking about what can I change…..I can change him as an immediate easy out then I’ll have room to think, hence the bust up.

Problem is I really love him and want to marry him eventually, even though he does my head in sometimes as partners can and I feel like I am constantly compromising even though he thinks I’m not or I’m over reacting….

I need to own this and get happy and through this stage of my life. I never want to be this example to my daughter ever again.Basically I need to pull my head out of my arse and sort it out before I spoil all my personal relationships.

But how? Should grief last this long? Is it just me. Whats wrong with me? Why am I failing at life? How do I apologise to my daughter for making a mistake?

I really hope this is normal! Because being so tired you put your dress on inside out and give presentations really isn’t!

For me again

Aside from all this gymming that’s been going on…I’ve decided  to do a florist course. To do something I love. Because this year has been hard! So, so, so…hard!

I figure if I want to be calm and beautiful inside and out why not work around calm, beautiful things too…

It’ll be an adventure but I look forward to sharing some positive experiences along the way! And probably some awful mistakes ☺

What do I do with all these feelings?

Yesterday I had a lovely day spending time with old friends and new, but by the time I got home I was tearful and I cannot put my finger on why?

It’s been 7weeks since I miscarried and I thought I was getting on ok. But from the looks of this blog and the tears last night and how I feel today. Maybe not.

I don’t know what to do with it all really and the bad stuff just keeps coming. Last week I had word that an old acquaintance, a friend really,  I suppose, took his own life.

So since Christmas my life has been all about loss and coping…. two deaths, My mums breast cancer & a miscarraige. 

I often think that its not that bad. I mean I’m not dying right? I have a job, it’s stressful but it pays the bills, I have a family who love me, I’m very lucky that people very close to me, as in my immediate family, have not died. So why cry? I’m lucky.

But I think that’s griefs trick. It’s like someone hiding behind a tree….and jumping out at you when you least expect it…if you get too busy to allow grief to just be. Greif seems to get busy making you crazy and continuing to enter into your life by any means possible until you let it be there.

I seem to be learning that I have to let grief be. I’m just not sure how to do that, but I’m learning.

And I guess I’m still lucky too, well sort of.


Sucked. I think I was affected by a lack of sleep, hard month at work and a program about couples trying to get pregnant last night.

I’ve cried hard today. I thought I was through(ish) the grief. Perhaps I just got so busy it got stuck for a while. 

Anyway this rang very true to me today, i read it, ate a chocolate biccy and had a glass of wine (before you say excercise is better, I ran and gymmed yesterday & will tomorrow!).

2016 has been a compkete b*tch I’m glad we’re on our way to 2017. Maybe that will be my year.