Coping with the day!

How do people cope??

Getting used to the daily grind again and getting used to the unexpected things that you can’t control!

Its been almost two weeks since my miscarraige and I had a difficult moment today (amongst many!)….

A guy I’m working with just told me that he is expecting a new baby girl this year and then another guy was pulled off a work project due to his impending baby being due…

And all the people we told about this in a meeting were laughing about being taken off work for that… they were all older men and had had their kids already

Then (because sometimes days are really tough and the universe likes to remind you who is in charge!) 3 strangers just got into the lift I was in and they too were talking about babies and the birthing suites in town and if they were having a normal birth..etc.

Now I know these things can happen we cant escape it but how do people cope, it seems so unfair to be faced with it everyday or having out bursts of anger & tears everyday over stupid things when I get home because I have to be “on” everyday at work… sometimesI just want to stop the world and get off. 

But I know I can’t so how can I sort it out to cope….? What can I do…? Sigh.

This is hard.



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