I know the light is there somewhere

Sometimes I can’t even believe this is my life, the things that have happened this year, feels like too much!! but I know deep down that it’s only the beginning of life’s trials and I have to get through this with strength and almost bloody mindedness not to sink into the sadness and stay there.

I keep saying the clichès to myself:

Only strong people are tested
The good people are given hard roads
You’re strong enough to handle this or it wouldn’t be put in your direction

But let’s be honest, It feels like I’ve been nothing  but tested my whole life so why bother?!

& the the answer is clear as day:

You keep moving for her, she loves you and she needs you. You are her mum.

You keep moving for him, he loves you and you love him. He is your soulmate.

You keep going for them, they love you, they support you & they need you. They are your family.

You keep going for you. You love you. You need you.

You will have better times, happier times, life is a crazy ride of massive highs and massive lows but you just keep moving forward. You have to go through it as hard and long as it is you have to go through it.

Use whatever faith, strength, outlet, hobby, love, distraction, movement you have and just keep going.

Keep going. The light is there somewhere and as long as you keep moving forward you’ll see it eventually.



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