A letter to the angel…

Dear baby , dear fetus, dear angel, dear soul…

I’m sorry you didnt get to stay and be part of our family. You would have been so so loved and wanted. I know I was confused & scared at first and that I complained about being pregnant because let’s face it that’s not the funnest experience for me!

But losing you has made me realise it would have been ok, we would have been full of joy and you would have been loved. We would have watched you grow, seen your first smile, heard your first words and to just be in your life would have been amazing.

I feel like you would have been a little boy maybe a cousin to rough house with for the boys in the family already and an adored brother by your beautiful sister and your dad would have helped you learn, played with you and loved you to the ends of the earth. We would have worked it out and been a family just a little bigger then the one we have now.

I wanted to tell you I’m sorry, i miss you already and I will remember you always. I imagine a picnic table in heaven with all the family together smiling and sharing stories and you with them being loved and having others to play with.

Until we meet again,
Love your mum xo


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