Theres a legend in NZ about fantails (birds) bringing mesages of death of a loved one, if they come into your home (or similar)

A few weeks ago I had one follow me down my path at home and then fly down around me fluttering by my belly and then it flew off.

For me I felt it was telling me what I already new…in a weird way my belly was babies house and as close as it could get.

We found out our baby’s heartbeat had stopped yesterday. I think perhaps that was the first mythical sign..


That fantail (or another) was back today.  I came home from work today because I was bleeding lightly and had a sore stomach.

Whilst being upset about tomorrow’s d&c and the current circumstances I was hugging my partner & I looked up and there in the kitchen was a fantail.

He tweeted around the kitchen and landed on top of our cupboard, knowing why he was there I got on the kitchen table and managing to calmly pick him up, I told him I know why you’re here and it’s ok.


I took him outside and opens my hand to let him go. He sat there for several minutes and then flew off my hand and onto a fence near me, he tweeted and chatted facing me and then finally went up to a tree where he sat for a while and flew off.

Such an experience, I absolutely believe in signs and I feel this was my message to say goodbye & that it’s time to let go.

For the legend:


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