Today we had more blood tests, they went up by 1000, not doubling as expected.

So we were sent for an ultrasound and low and behold there was a heartbeat!! I shit you not.

The ultrsound guy did an internal to confirm it and there it was. A little flicker…. my partner and I were astounded, the Dr’s were surprised…crazy.

The baby is small and the heartbeat is low. But it was there! Omg it was there.

I am so so so confused right now.  Scared. Fortunate. Amazed. But mostly confused..I just simply do not understand.

I think they think its way earlier then out
dates. We originally thought we were 9weeks but today we were dated at 6weeks.

Basically I was faced with a miracle today and I will remain confused and frightened for 10days until our next scan.

I hope it stays put and holds on we will know all on 10 days time. This week has been unbelievable!



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