Still waiting

We’re still waiting to know what will happen next with this missed miscarraige, we can’t do anything about making this non-pregnancy move on without the Dr’s say so and all other eventualities being ruled out.

We are currently waiting at the hospital to find out yet more blood test results to see if they have fallen. If they have fallen a make a choice.

If they have not we have to have another ultrasound and wait to confirm that this pregnancy is not going to work out “legally” even though we know it is not.

Legal dotting of I’s and crossing of t’s for good reason but a hard thing to hear along this journey.

I’m emotionally exhausted. I hope this doesn’t go on much longer. It’s afunny thing to hope your blood hormone levels drop enough when you’ve been praying they’ll go up for so long.



One thought on “Still waiting

  1. Today we wait again for more blood test results….. to confirm my HCG levels have gone up.

    It is horrible all this waiting but I know I’m in the best place..


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