I’m due 6 months off

Life is a funny beast, you get through one hard thing and then you take a breath, and as soon as you turn around there is a new issue in your face.  A bigger one a harder one, a new lesson. Today’s lesson was teens in trouble.

I found a note form my daughter and she was in trouble, I missed it. I don’t know how I missed it, but I missed it. There are scars on her legs to show me I missed it. There are notes in her phone to tell me I missed it and there were tears on my cheeks to let me feel that I missed it. She is just so beautiful and amazing that I don’t even understand why she is so down, but she is, there was something wrong and we raised it with everyone we could, talked about it with everyone we trusted to get ideas and scenarios to help.


Too add insult to injury, we went to a takeaway place today to get some food (bad I know, not healthy at all but today, to be honest, I really didn’t care) and the handle fell off and locked me in… yip… I laughed, my partner got me out and to be honest it’s a funny story, a small positive laugh in a somewhat gloomy day.

Then she came home from school and we talked about it, this was hard. So hard, but it needed to happen. It was important to happen. Explanations were said, thoughts came out, more discussions were had, the air was cleared and I think,  I HOPE we got through to her and hey it can’t rain all the time.

This is the latest stressful thing in my life, I am looking forward to the gym tomorrow  night and maybe a walk tonight or in the morning to breath in some air, to calm my brain and dry my eyes, and revitalize.

I am also trying a session with an acupuncturist/eastern medicine man at the end of the week, to see if this helps me remove the stress (or at least some stress) from my life, and allow me to breath.


What do you do to help with stressful times? any recommendations greatly received!



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