New Beginnings. Again.

Hey all,

So I have booked in a session with a PT tonight, I am pretty excited about it, I haven’t really been doing much lately and really need a boost! My old trainer unfortunately passed away before Christmas, then there was Christmas and holidays and Birthdays! add to that Mum cancer, and there you have a recipe for fat and unfit!


It all really threw me off the path. But now I am back!

I am going to rejuvenate myself with healthy eating, exercise, family fun times, dates with my darling and my home hobby… Photography (check it out if you want to

So watch this space and I’ll let you know the real deal about my first meeting with a PT and how much FAIL happens, here’s hoping I don’t fall over the treadmill because I know my BMI is super bad (were talking 173cm / 99kg, so not good!!)




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