Wine is my weakness.

Thats basically it, I can’t go past a good Rose or a wonderfully crisp Pinot Gris! I love them, and when the bad news just gets worse the next day, the only thing I want to do is watch a dumb movie so I can quite happily cry and maybe add a wine to that. But I haven’t, not yet anyway! win.

In other dumb excercise related news, I used my favourite AP yesterday and did my 30 day challenge Supermans (no I did not look like superman flying in the sky, or super girl for that matter, more along the lines of a walrus trying to waddle to the ocean!), Crunches, Planks, Wallsits, and jumping Jacks – now this was where I felt embarrased! fortunately there was only me here to hear it, that’s what I said, HEAR IT. I could literally hear my  larger then life thighs hitting together. O.M.G. the shame. I’m not sure I’ll be doing jumping jacks in a while/forever.

And as for my shakes, well I doubled up on them, and so far all they have done is make me feel sick. YAY ME! I still brought a new machine to make them in anyway – surely there can’t be anymore things for me to buy!!

oh and in a hilarious moment I thought my new gym pants were way too small, and I had got even fatter!!! turns out that I got the wrong size! LOL… oh well they will fit one day, as will my jeans in the cupboard, that dress in the wardrobe and that top I haven’t worn in months

… right?



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