Size 18?! are you kidding me?!

So it seems that this weight loss thing is a lot harder than you think! I have fallen off the wagon, it was on Saturday, my excuse – I had some bad news, potentially very bad.

But a silver-lining is that I didn’t eat poorly, I just had wine, but I had almost a whole bottle, and I suppose the small chocolates that went with it were not ideal either.

I swear I heard it yelling at me about empty calories while I drank it


Sometimes I think I want it all too quickly, I’ve never been a slow mover, everything has always come at a fast pace, so why my metabolism and energy levels decided to quit now I do not know!

I am still in conversations with the gym about getting an actual membership and have been swimming up a storm.  Which brings me to the undeniably sad fact that I was given a size 18 swimsuit and it fit. Suffice to say I am pretty sad about that!

I feel that my weight is stagnant and no matter what I seem to try those scales do not budge! So this week I am trialling a 2 shakes a day diet, with snacks and a real meal! This is before I go to a PT or Jenny Craig!!! Perhaps I am not pushing myself enough, not sweating enough, not hurting enough.  I may even try running, I am that desperate!

I am actually incredibly loathed to do this as it isn’t realistic, we don’t as people drink shakes instead of lunch or breakfast, but I want to know if it will kick start my metabolism, as its been stunted since having an IUD put in (copper only) my body freaked out, put on 10KG and did not like it at all.

At the same time I was trying hard to get rid of the weight but just kept putting it on. Eventually I had it removed, that was about 3months ago maybe 4, and I am definitely still not losing any weight nor do I feel fitter or anything like that, so this diet week is about fixing up that metabolism, or at least trying to. I will also do some more research into those IUDs and what people did afterwards to get healthy again!

Anyway onwards and upwards, 1.5 weeks until I have to beach whale it in Perth, I am not excited about that. Motivation is at an all-time high! Energy levels with just a shake, not so much! I hope your journey is going better than mine!


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