Another day another shake…


So I went home last night and did my 30 day challenge exercises! 30 crunches, 50 bicycle crunches and a 60second plank (this actually took me two goes at 30 seconds each but hey I figure it all counts)

Then we went for a swim, another beached whale moment in the pool, but luckily it was a different pool and there wasn’t many there! Also low in behold my boobs may have shrunk because my togs did not slide down! WIN!!! (either that or more likely my togs have stretched, but hey I’ll take the smaller boobs thanks!)…


After the swim I was exhausted to say the least, my whole body is “feeling the burn” and I can honestly say the last thing I wanted to do was get up this morning, the second to last thing I wanted to do was have a shake for breakfast!! but I did and I pulled it together enough to bring my gear to work to walk home or go to the gym.

Although I was not together enough to put my clothes on the right way round or bring socks… a co-worker let me know I had failed at getting dressed this morning…thankfully!! So I managed to swap it round prior to seeing more co-workers, but not prior to walking to the coffee shop, talking to an ex work colleague and walking back to the office… great start to the day! But to be fair it woke me up and made me laugh, so it is all good.

I can say though today my  lunch is a salad, yum but boring!! I need some easy to make lunch food choices that are tasty… So that being said, any suggestions or motivational tricks for staying on track will be well received 🙂



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