The beginning. Weightlots.

These are my resolutions for 2016, yes I did resolutions, no they are not unreasonable and yes I hope I can keep them – so far so good!

  1. The age old resolution everyone has – lose weight.
  2. A repeat of last years resolution – Swim with sharks.
  3. Cook more, or rather simply cook at all.
  4. Be ok with who I am and how I am – I am hoping this comes with 1 and generally getting older.

I also have a 100things list, this lives on, under ‘MeJulie’ it currently has 75things on it, if you can think of any more that could be added let me know or better still create your own! ūüôā

This month I am doing Grateful Month, and writing 3 things I am grateful for every day for 1 month. So far so good!


So anyway four resolutions, not hard, but not easy either… apparently byt the time I hit March I will be in the habit… MARCH!!! OMG, that’s 2months away!!! I’m already not convinced.

The weight loss has started already, well the plan for it anyway! I am heading to the land of Perth in a few weeks, so I thought when better to start but now…


I’m 36 this year and far to large for my height?! I think I way about 90kg and am 173 cm tall… for me this is uncomfortable and makes me feel bad about myself, but I figure it’s all good as I am on the change path! anyway¬†this is how I have been going so far:

Day one – No alcohol and no bad food, I figured this was a great start as it was the 3rd January, way to kick start/detox after holiday debauchery! apply for gym trial (again… I already applied once and let it go by without doing it… because I was lazy and preferred a glass of wine and cheese!)

Day two – Same as above and downloaded all the important Apps that I clearly must have to lose any weight¬†and change my life!¬†MyFitnessPal, 30 day challenge etc. am now suitably techno’ed up to start exercising… Considered getting a exercise tracker type device, but decided against it…. and buy new fitness leggings¬†instead,¬†more procrastination.

Lovely beau¬†suggests we go for a swim at the new trial gym and I could pick up my trial a the same time….so I put on my togs and have major meltdown as they no longer fit and my size has ballooned from small to gigantic! and realise that the whole pool is about to get a whale of a show! awkward… decide that I am not going to the gym or pool, ever.

Force myself to go and swim four lengths before boob comes out of togs, decide spa is a much better idea. Sit for 20 minutes in spa and then decide to trial new gym that day, put on new sparkly leggings and jump on a bike! ten minutes in, wearing my new “full length in the height of summer” leggings?! with sun beating through the window, I am parched and tired… move to floor and do 25 crunches (thanks to my 30 day challenge ap) and 30 sit-ups… I call this the NON work out, work out…


Day three Р3days no alcohol, back at work, 2nd day of gym trial, and counting calories.  I consider joining weight watchers and then realise after reading it that its $7 a month for stuff I can do now, see all posts on Facebook from super fit people, follow some more inspirational peeps on Twitter and go to the gym.

A¬†friend and I do 25mins walking on the treadmill and then a few steady sets of different exercises, while watching several people enjoy the sun on the deck of a very nice cafe/bar… I do my planks, sit-ups, crunches (go 30day challenge! thank goodness for ap reminders) and the like all the while thinking how nice a cider would be on that deck right now!! the cauliflower and hummus I had for lunch with my water and mint tea was just not the same!

Today is day four – I have walked to work and had my shake this morning, so far so good… we’ll see how I get on this afternoon, I am thinking a swim, but I am reminded of boobgate just the other day and ¬†wonder if I am better off just swimming in a muumuu!?



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